KOOP. Design Office

KOOP is a Bremen based team of communication and media professionals, pooling their complementary know-how and expertise. All cooperating members of KOOP can look back upon a variety of practical skills from multiple interactions and different contexts, as creative workers and independent project coordinators, but also as part of acclaimed Bremen design agencies.
What are the reasons for our cooperation? Because we like and respect each other and highly value the respective work of all involved in this venture. Also, we've learned from previous cooperation that we can mutually inspire each other. Furthermore, experience shows that our creative approaches are strongly complementary. We work independently and on equal terms, sometimes in our shared office, sometimes within flexible networks. This is why we are able to offer this extensive range of services and projects under one roof while keeping a close contact with our customers.

On this web-site, our work will speak for itself. This much we can say: We design nearly everything, essentially the design corresponds to the content. Also, we believe the key is that our customers recognize themselves in the work we provide for them.

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